By Night

Thinking about the way life is, I cannot help but be surprised at just how quickly things have changed and progressed into a place I could not I have orchestrated better even if one had given me the ability to paint the picture of life. These moments are filled with excitement, adventure, anticipation, and the desire to fully reach the potential I am discovering that I am capable of obtaining.

Shooting out of the gates since early this morning, I’ve pushed myself to the max and have done the best I could with the moments granted me.

Part of me simply wants to arrive in Dallas and begin immediately on the work that is ahead there. Instead, I am having to force myself to focus on the current tasks at hand so that I can ultimately be better prepared for the duties and responsibilities I’ll be stepping into once I arrive down south. I recognize, immediately, this is a sign of maturity; in the past, I would have blindly jumped into an opportunity rather than covering my bases and locking in additional work to help be financially stable/secure during the transition time. In a sense, it feels good to see this sign of maturity. However, it still frustrates me that I cannot simply jump right into the work that is ahead in Texas.

One step at a time, son. Act 1 cannot happen before Act 4. And never, ever forget the intermission. Again.

On Saturday, I was overwhelmed by emotions that hit me from all sides. After receiving several letters from former FCA students I taught during Tuesday Bible Study, in response to a few letters I had written then, it suddenly dawned on me the sadness others must have felt when I left Ohio. Because I didn’t have any sadness as I was leaving Ohio, part of me forgot to factor in that others had experienced emotional hurt that I as leaving. In that moment, something inside of me began to thaw and unfreeze. Whether it was the tears that could not be held back at that moment, or the realization that I’ve remained emotionally cold for far too long, there was liberation to be had in that time.

And so here we are, in this moment the future is bright. The path is uncertain. However, we can proceed confidently knowing that we are given the responsibility of having the right attitude as we step forward, while also knowing that our Heavenly Father is ever-faithful in providing for His children. He made us with love, and with love He orchestrates the complex mechanism that is our lives.

One step at a time. Walk with me.

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