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Years ago, I remember hearing a story from a good friend of mine. He told me the tale of “Sheepdogs and Wolves” which was originally told via an online essay. The summary of the tale is that there are three types of people in the world; sheep, wolves who prey on the sheep and sheepdogs who protect the sheep.

Many people don’t want to ‘diagnose’ others as being wolves, or recognizing the true predatory nature of those in the world. In most cases, it’s more comfortable to stick your head in the sand than it is to look around and recognize we live in a world rampant with corruption and sickness. Sickness – the type of sickness that would make your stomach turn and rot if you were to witness it firsthand.

A recent search on showed me the sexual offenders in my area. A convicted sex offender against children lives less than 100 yards from Atlas’ other home – only a few minutes away from mine.

Months ago, I stopped to talk to an older gentleman at the local gas station. During our conversation, he told me that he had lost contact with a long-time friend of his, and I offered to help him reconnect. Using beenverified, I helped this man connect with his longtime friend. They’d lost touch with each other after doing many years together behind bars – and I never stopped to ask him why he went.

I went so far as to call the number of his friend, and I watched as his face lit up when he heard his friends voice on the other end of the line – his voicemail message. He shared his contact information and I hung up the call.

I imagine they were both surprised to hear from each other.

I never could have imagined the surprise I felt when I looked on the website today and saw the face of the man I encountered at the gas station – a convicted sex offender against minors.

I wanted to vomit when I found out the news. I wanted to scream. I wanted to take my son and hide him from the rest of the world for as long as I possibly could in order to keep him safe from the wolves out there.

Wolves aren’t the type of creature that are content to stay in their den. No, they travel in packs and they do their best to take on new territory when left unchecked.

“Are you gay, or are you straight?”

The little girl looked at the person asking her, unsure what was being asked.

“Are you gay, or are you straight?!” he asked again.

She looked around, unsure what was being asked. Again and again, she was asked this question because her answer never seemed to satisfy the one asking.

That little girl is in 4th grade, and the person asking her was one of her classmates. I heard a recounting of this interaction, which happened this week, while chatting to a teacher I know very well; my Mother.

These sorts of questions have no place in the classroom, especially at an age when children still fully believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

As a parent, I’m horrified when I look the the world and what it is turning into, and I will not stand silent or make my voice unheard when I see the issues being pressed on our children.

In order to buy cigarettes or a gun, somebody needs to be 18. Why then is it ok for a child under the age of 18 to go through gender reassignment surgery, or be given hormone blockers? Am I the only parent that sees the world this way and is concerned?

Kids will do a lot of things to get attention when they feel they aren’t getting it, no different than adults will abuse or cheat on their partners when they feel ‘ignored’. I experienced this firsthand, and can tell you that somebody who craves attention will do absolutely anything in order to get it.

Let our kids be kids, and let them grow up in a safe world where they aren’t sexualized, groomed or preyed upon.

Then end goal of the gender identity classroom battle has absolutely nothing to do with gender ‘identity’ and everything to do with putting sexual consent in the hands of minors.

Up until this year, it was the job and responsibility of parents to provide medical care for their children until they reach the age of 18. “Gender identity” advocates now try to take this responsibility away from the parents and into the hands of minors, so that they can elect to receive gender reassignment surgery, hormone blockers and other forms of ‘treatment’ to permanently alter their gender.

Parents who stand in the way of this can face fines, imprisonment and cultural shame.

As parents lose their grip on the medical consent and treatment of their children, it is only a matter of time before age of consent is targeted as well – and I assure you this is the direction our world is going to.

I am not ok with the laws that prevent sexual predators from targeting minors being taken away or weakened. I am not ok with a world where adults can have sexual intercourse with minors. And I am not ok with a world that places adult choices, responsibilities and decisions in the hands of children who still believe in Santa Claus.

How did we get here?

We stopped spending time with our children and let other people raise and groom them for us. We became too busy to be concerned with the matters being taught in our classrooms and instead pawned off our children to others to raise, educate and indoctrinate.

The family unit stopped becoming a priority in our culture. Instead of being the most important thing, having a large house, multiple cars and the proverbial boat on the lake became the goal for many Americans.

The 9-5 became known as the 8-6 and little by little, people began to spend far less time with their children than ever before. As a culture, we spend all day serving corporations that view us as disposable assets and not enough time with our children who see us as (and need us to be) their heroes, protectors and guides through life.

Every child is precious and innocent, and they deserve the opportunity to maintain and protect their innocence.

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