I suppose I ought to thank the universe for the timing of this blog entry. Grammarly is already screaming at me for grammar mistakes (it ought to make my mother happy). I’m too tired to argue over my word choice, and I happily take the word replacement suggestion. Moving on.

I have a habit of checking breaking news every morning before I get out of bed. I really ought to replace this with something positive, like Napoleon Hill, instead of reading about international tragedies. Morning coffee and news of genocide. Helluva way to wake up. Moving on.

I read an article about a Target employee who committed suicide after being forced to make the “walk of shame” to the store office; escorted by police officers, handcuffed at the waist. Treatment for alleged theft. Three days later, this employee committed suicide. His mother is suing the corporation for damages, citing wrongdoing and emotional damage dished out to a young man with diagnosed Aspergers disease.

I woke up this morning to some news that might otherwise ruin my day. The revelation triggered some thoughts in my mind that asked me “What have you accomplished in your life so far?” I suppose that question was furthered by the discovery of my first gray hair. Positions of doubt are a slippery slope to negativity. This morning, I started my routine with the audiobook reading ofย Think And Grow Rich.ย “I control my mind – which is the most important asset of all. If I control my mind – I control my destiny.”

Thinking of the Target employee, I began to wonder how much of an impact our day-to-day encounters with strangers have. And I realized the impact of our lives isn’t always measured in the ways we tend to use as a scorecard for our lives. What value can one put on a comment that reverses a frown into a smile? We’ll never know.

It reminded me that one of the great joys I’ve discovered in my life is the ability to spark a smile in a stranger, friend or family member. I think of the times where my mother has laughed to the point of tears streaming down her eyes, or the times Mark and I have had outbursts of laughter in restaurants/bars that cause tables to glance over. The “Ah ha” look in the eyes of somebody when given a compliment about their outfit, perfume/cologne or some other tidbit that might otherwise go without notice.

I try to start off every day with a compliment, encouragement, or affirmation of at least 2-3 people. Give it a shot. You’d be surprised at how positive of a tone it can set for your day – especially a Monday!

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