Earlier this year, I realized my mind was a dwelling place for negative energy and thought. There was a part of me that attributed it to the circumstances I was in, rather than the notion that my circumstances were a result of my thought. After revisiting Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, and a few other books/articles a good friend gave me, I made the conscious choice to take every thought in my mind captive.

The biblical principle of “what you sow, you will reap” is completely true regarding our thoughts. It’s true because it was true first, not because it was written in the bible. Clarification. The notion that every thought in our mind is a seed that is planted for eventual reaping is a very interesting one.

At the outset of the now-infamous ‘tuna salad’ week, I set four goals in my mind. On Friday, every single one of them was realized in sweeping succession. Wha-bam!

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to go through a lot of times that test you. It’s the reason a lot of people quit. Inc. Magazine wrote an article titled The Psychological Price of EntrepreneurshipThe article is dead on the money.

While I’ve been self-employed for 8 years, I realized that a lot of these years weren’t really spent in E-mode, but as a freelancer. There’s a big difference.

This past year, I received notice that my main account for TripleSkinny was going to be taking my services in-house, thus ending my contract. I was given a reasonable severance package that would let me have financial breathing room for about 3 months. Six months went by.

Somewhere along the line, the last 3 months went from being excruciating, to being exhilarating. Every moment was one to analyze, observe, experiment with and track down the mind set of which I faced every new day. The above video was shot yesterday morning, at a time where it really was crunch time – and the $2 in my wallet had yet to copulate and make lots of children. Fact. And yet, it was during this time that my life was flooded with positive thoughts and determination to accomplish the goals I set for myself this week.

Everything changed in four hours. Four goals. Check. Washingtons transformed into Franklins, amongst others.

My younger brother, Mark, once had a moment of clarity at a very young age. He couldn’t have been more than ten years old. “I’m invincible!” he declared. He was so proud to have figured out that he wouldn’t let words, actions, or circumstances affect him. It was cute, really. However, the kid was right….

You’ll always have your kryptonite. But don’t let that keep you from flying, Superman. You were born to soar.

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