Be Careful

1.3 MillionAnnual Deaths From Car Accidents

480,000Annual Deaths From Cigarettes

300,000Annual Deaths From Obesity

100,000Annual deaths from prescription medication (not overdose)

98,000Annual deaths from physician malpractice

88,000Annual Deaths From Alcohol

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My entire life, I’ve heard the words “be careful” from others. In college, I received countless sit down ‘concern’ sessions from others who felt the creatine (Yes…creatine) I was taking for my workouts was somehow going to kill me. Ten years later, my kidneys are in immaculate shape and I continue to get in better shape – without urinating blood or having kidney stones.

Call it a personal choice or decision, but I don’t believe in living according to the confines of a ‘careful’ life as defined by the naysayers.

What I’m realizing is that our society exists in a very strange dichotomy that champions the hero who turns his back against all odds and goes for glory, while fully embracing a ‘real’ lifestyle that seems to only play it by the books and live within the comfortable safety of our couches – to cheer on these ‘hero’ characters on the television screen.

We can all be heroes. We all have the opportunity to do the impossible, daring, unthinkable and innovative.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few years, it’s to take an objective look at the advice given by others. Pay attention to the true facts – but also factor in whether or not the advice you’re receiving is from somebody stuck on their couch – with cheedle still sticking to their fingers – or whether it’s from somebody else who is in the arena.

The real question is whether or not one wants to live a live of vibrancy and excitement – or one that is full of dull longevity.

Live. Live. Live.

“If you feel your stomach begin to churn – you know the odds are right.”

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