Out of the boat

I recently read an article that discussed the way painful experiences have a way of creating depth in our hearts. Similar to the way a rock bore digs itself through solid rock, our experiences have a way of forging depth within our hearts that often looks like gaping holes. Without bores to cut through rock, we would never have subway systems…or diamonds.

I’ve jumped, feet first, into a lot of experiences that had very painful outcomes. In many ways, it would make sense to fill in these holes with brick and concrete, so they could never be reopened or hurt even deeper. Sometimes we fill these holes up with bitterness, anger, and resentment. Yet, when we fill our lives with these toxins, it is us who hurts and slowly dies from the poison – rather than the person or situation whom we direct the resentment toward.

I’ve also seen many of these deep wounds be filled with beautiful outcomes and unexpected turns of events that happened because I was willing to keep these parts of my heart open for change and renewal.

If you’re familiar with christian teachings, the story of Peter stepping out of the boat to run toward Jesus is a classic. He got outside of the boat, during a storm, and ran on the water to Jesus – only sinking when he stopped to realize he was on water. Fact or fiction, the story holds some very key ideas to be true; he got outside of the boat and ran with fearless passion, while 11 other men stayed inside the ‘comfort’ of the boat.

One thing about me that I hope never changes is my commitment and belief in passion. As well as the belief that we can live an extraordinary life that exceeds our dreams and expectations. This is how I have lived my entire life and how I will continue to do so. Wounds heal over time, but a man/woman who doesn’t take risks will never know the sweet reward of ‘stepping out’ of their boats in life.

I have a great deal of respect for visionary leaders who followed their ideas, recovered from failures, and led their life armed with nothing but their beliefs and ideas…and were able to accomplish them. Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, 50 Cent and Napoleon Hill come to mind.

There are also several couples I’ve admired, who have spent decades together with their significant other and have woken up more in love with this person with each new sunrise. It. Is. Possible.

Passion. Heart. Integrity. Risk. Loyalty. Love. Honesty. Laughter. Respect. Encouragement. Empathy. Compassion. Forgiveness. Innovation. Dignity. Honor. Truth. Self-improvement. Trust. Affection. Intimacy. Kindness. Self-control. Faithfulness. Joy. Communication.

These are the values which I’m willing to pursue my entire life in all that I do – as well as what I look for in those around me and with me.

I’ve freely displayed these qualities to many people, project, friendships, and romantic partners – and have often come up short. Yet, I don’t believe this means I ought to throw in the towel, but to continue looking and disciplining myself to sharpen and hone these qualities…because they will eventually be met and shared. The wait, as painful as it can sometimes seem, will be worth every moment.

I’m moving ahead and not looking back. There is too much goodness and beauty in the world to freeze and cry when you’ve hit a temporary road block.

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