I’ve gotten to know a lot of people who have varying levels of connection with their family. Some are close; best friends and together through thick and thin. Others have had conflicts or situations that have separated and distanced the family to the point of ‘family’ being more like a past relic of a relationship.

In the Plaat family, we’ve developed a very strong bond of trust and love that I’ve come to appreciate more as I grow older. We’ve been through a lot of difficult situations that brought us together, helping and supporting each other rather than growing apart. We weren’t raised to distract ourselves from problems, but to face them head-on.

One thing I’m very grateful for is that our parents taught us how to forgive unconditionally. No human is perfect and is capable of making horrific mistakes. When you love somebody, you accept them wholly for who they are and to only love somebody at their best, while rejecting their flaws, you can’t ever truly love that person or be there as they move past their imperfections.

As I’m leaving Baltimore, I’m extremely thankful for the love and life that my family has brought, and continues to bring, to my life. We’ve grown up to value, love, and respect each other in deep and meaningful way. I believe this model of love is what has created a foundation for the relationships we have with others, as a model to follow after and embody. Unconditional love, selfless giving, building each other up instead of tearing them down, and being able to laugh in situations that would normally evoke tears.

A tree can only grow as high as its roots are deep.

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