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“The mind is its own place. And in it can make heaven a hell, hell a heaven.”

That’s one of my favorite quotes. Another would be the quote from The Matrix where Agent Smith says to Neo “I must get free. In your mind is the key.”

The human mind, when harnessed to its fullest potential, is capable of great things. When somebody realizes this, they are suddenly without blame to point for what they decide to make of their life.

This past year, I have set and exceeded one goal after another. Goals I never thought were possible. Somewhere in August, I reached a point where I felt as if I had missed a rung of the ladder as I climbed. I reached out and didn’t grab on to anything. From that point down, it was a drop back down to the bottom. Time to start again.

It’s one thing to fail, altogether another to start back at zero. I’ve failed many times in my life. However, I’ve had several instances where I’ve experienced resurrection and rebirthing.

The bell rings again, champ. Get out there.

Anytime you’re feeling sorry about your state of existence, go watch the movie 8 Mile. We have it good…almost too good. We breathe the same air as the homeless men and women on the streets, as well as the same air inhaled by billionaires and business moguls. We are who we want to be.

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