Home is where the heart is

I recently read a book called God’s Debris, by Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert. The book was so compelling, I had to read it a second time. It’s a semi-fictional story about a man who encounters…well, I’ll have to let you read the book to find out. It’s a quick read.

Adams touched on the subject of personal awareness; showing the various levels of personal awareness (revelation) we go through as we progress through life. In our earlier stages, we be come aware that we exist. As we progress through new levels of awareness, we begin to understand our connection to the great ‘other’ outside of ourself.

Since a baby is only aware of itself and its own needs, it will feel as if the world is going to be over should they feel like anything less than the #1 priority of those who enter their world and nurture them. A departure of care can incite a maelstrom of tears. Yet, as the child begins to mature and realize it’s not all about them – the tears are soon replaced with responsibilities, understanding, and peace.

On my recent trip to Ohio, I was reminded of the wonderful life I’ve shared with others. As one level of my personal awareness has begun to fade, a new one has started to shine through. Instead of seeking to find and share my sense of identity with the outside world, it’s been more firmly established and I feel less a need to give it voice and attention.

There were many trips down ‘memory lane’ in Ohio. Much of this time was spent in quiet observation, seeing how much has changed in the city of Columbus, as well as the Plaat family. My heart was also tugged back in the direction of California; paying attention to the deficiency of people and experiences that are now my home.

What I’ve walked away from, after this trip ‘home away from home’ is that love goes beyond walls, memories, years, and tears. It’s a universal force that connects you to what you really need, want, and have yet to give voice to. 

Home finds you just as much as you try to find it. 

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