Eye of the storm

Lately, I’ve been pondering the subject of God. There are so many different viewpoints about this topic, I find myself struggling to avoid a generalization of pre-judgement. God isn’t a topic many can discuss comfortably, due to the varying degrees of experience with…God.

God reminds me of the image of a hurricane; peace in the center of the storm, while there’s a loud storm only moments away. When I read the teachings of Jesus, I’m inspired by his words to “consider the birds of the air” and the “flowers of the field” as these elements reside in a perpetual dance with the elements; constantly giving beauty, while receiving their daily requirements to do so.

If you’ve ever been skydiving, you’ll understand the feeling of bliss that occurs when you realize you’re free falling — but safe — 10,000 feet up (or down) in the air. It’s a surrender to the…inevitable.

When I look at my life, I’m reminded of the limitless times that my experience has been wonderful; far more wonderful than I could have anticipated. The moments of turbulence exist only in the times where I’ve doubted the patterns of wonder will continue. They’ve yet to cease.

God isn’t a topic many want to discuss. Yet, showing others love is an act that always has an audience. Showing limitless love to others is akin to stretching an arm out to somebody drowning in a storm; true connection that brings calm, love, and peace. Why else are we here, except to showcase this type of love?

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