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Ohio. Home? Home. Not home. Ohio.

Every time I return to visit my family, life seems to be undergoing a whirlwind of changes. One of the most memorable trips was during a last-minute surprise for my mother’s birthday; flying to Columbus, directly from China. She definitely didn’t see that one coming!

Pondering at the year of 2014, it seems to be broken down into clearly-defined chapters and phases. With 2015 just around the corner, it appears to be a blank canvas that is waiting for be painted with a masterpiece.

“Belief will change my world. It has moved continents and countries, and put man on the moon, and it will carry me through this battle.”

On my fridge is a small photo with the words “No retreats. No reservations. No regrets.” Stepping into the next phase of life, with all new projects, people, places and ventures, I’ve never felt that I’ve jumped more fully into the unknown than I am at this moment in life. There’s no plan B. Personally, I sort of enjoy this fact. However, the lingering thought in my mind is a questioning of the core values that have let me to this point.

Can we really architect and plot our lives? Is this the right step? Will the plane take off and fly, or come miserably crashing to the ground?

Gut check, brother.

When I was in China, I hit the realization that I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life. The answer of “What do you want?” was finally answered. Last week, I stood in front of a small crowd and delivered a presentation. This weekend, I stood in front of over 500. It’s happening.

Being self-employed is one of the most rewarding elements I’ve encountered in life. It dawned on me that one of the reasons self-employment is so fulfilling is because every minute and second of time is your own. Instead of being plunked down for 8-10 hours, per day, on somebody else’s nickel, you have the opportunity to see life through a different lens and experience the unknown in very special and unique way.

Jump, Plaat.


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