Over the years, I’ve heard many various definitions and lessons concerning the topic of integrity. As I’ve grown older, it’s become strikingly evident that a textbook interpretation of integrity is a far cry from actual life experience on the matter. Attributes such as integrity and character are very similar to bricks; a wise man/woman will use these bricks to create a solid foundation on which to build their life, which will last the trials and challenges that would seek to destroy them.

Every step in our life is an opportunity to grow and learn from our past experiences so we may move more confidently into our future. It’s a beautiful thing, really. Hindsight provides us with a 20-20 view of our past, when lived consistently, can help us forecast and move peacefully into our future.

I can think of many times in the past few years where I didn’t see solutions to the temporary problems that rose. Yet, each of these situations was able to be solved with an outcome much more positive than I could have imagined. The peace associated with a consistent track record is beyond explainable.

One doesn’t need to jump into a burning furnace to realize the pain of burning fire. In similar fashions, the choices we make in our lives ought to be pondered very carefully, as many seemingly-beautiful possibilities are often only surface-deep and contain far more thorns than roses.

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