Inside of me is a heart that longs for every ounce of goodness life has to offer, without the confines of a safety net. I want to attain unparalleled success and create groundbreaking moves in the tech/startup industry. I want to fall in love. Not the kind of love that is safe or mediocre. But the kind of love that wakes up with passion and vibrancy. The kind of passion that can’t help but tear each others clothes off in the middle of the kitchen and letting that passion freely flow on top of the island countertop. Fast cars and motorcycles.  Speed. Speed. Speed. The stupid kind of lifestyle that does the unthinkable and unexpected. Generosity that knows no bounds. Compassion that holds nothing back. Creativity that doesn’t stop when it becomes dangerous or unknown.

Mediocrity is the gift most people choose to live with, in their lives. We’re all going to die. I’d rather live for one day than survive for a hundred.

Posted February 24th, 2014

Looking back on the blog entry I wrote in February, I’m humbled with gratitude for the way the universe has begun to unfold in my life. When I wrote the above entry, I was in a position of great discomfort. Something inside of me knew that the life I dreamed of was possible to realize if, and only if, I was willing to lay down everything in my own life in order to pursue the ‘new’ life I dreamed of. At that point, I did a personal inventory of the things in my life that I had build ‘safety nets’ around, to prevent from losing; my apartment, things, car, people, income source, and even the own set of eyes in which I viewed myself.

Living in Dallas, there was a certain sense of pride that I had in the life I built there. Everything seemed so perfect and right. Yet, there was an internal voice that told me I was shortchanging myself from pursuing my own passions. I knew that I was choosing to not face the endless insecurities that had begun to accumulate like a very heavy burden on my back.

Sometimes we choose to live a lifetime of soft misery, rather than facing a [very] [temporary] period of discomfort, in order to find the life that we truly want in our hearts.

Thousands of voices offer their suggestions and input. Everybody has an opinion on how you should live your life. Yet, it dawned on me that we often ask others for advice based purely on the circumstance that we are the ones in need of advice. E.g. we ask others for career/relationship/life advice, and often trust their judgement. If the tables were turned and they were the ones in the proverbial driver’s seat, they would be the one asking you for advice on the same situation.

Our inner voice is often the one we fail to listen to the most.

Embrace fear. Rush to meet your insecurities and convert them to the strengths they really are that have yet to be awakened. Be present. Live in the reality of the moment and don’t create false realities that convert to actual devastations when they never materialize. Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself.

You’re beautiful. You’re loved. You are love.


You are a gift to the world that can never be unwrapped or appreciated if you haven’t first taken the time to appreciate, love, and respect yourself for who you are, as you are; not because of where you are going, or the track you are on, but because you are the engine, navigator, source, power, and driving vision for the life you have.


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