Diamond Heart

The world’s most expensive diamond is called the ‘Pink Star’ and sold for a whopping $46M. Think about this for a moment.

That diamond is small enough to fit in my pocket, yet commands a price that anybody in the universe could comfortably retire for the rest of their lives on. If I were to hand you this diamond and ask you to care for it, you would guard it very carefully. It would be treasured, protected and kept safe in your hands. Chances are, you wouldn’t let it out of your sight or immediate possession.

How much more valuable, priceless and unique are our hearts?

I’ve spoken to several people today who have had a difficult time accepting and embracing their own unique value. Life has a marvelous way of wearing us down through negativity, poor circumstances, toxic individuals, self-doubt and the lie that we lack priceless value.

You’re so very beautiful. Yes, you.

I personally have a hard time remembering this fact about myself. It’s all too easy to allow others to place a valuation on you that isn’t accurate. Yet, these false valuations are often the words we listen to instead of the truth within.

There is nobody else on the face of the earth who is just like you. Nobody.

Just like we wouldn’t take a priceless diamond and throw it into the mud, we have to treasure and protect our heart and self-valuation of who we are.

Be bold. Be bright. Be beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking down the runway or rolling up your sleeves to field dress a deer, you are priceless. 

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