the blocks

A man once said it was time to arrive. Step to the plate and pick up my stride. Life isn’t for the lazy – nor rewarding for the weak. It goes to the man and woman who has their eye on the prize and will fight to the finish. 

You don’t have to show up, kid. There’s always somebody who will. Steady your course and don’t get lost along the way. You’ll meet lots of people who want you to call it quits. Bid them “adieu” and pick up the pace. 

It’s a beautiful bazaar, this thing called life. I’ll never leave you dry or alone. You’ve got a heart in your chest that knows where to go. Your journey has a destination. That’s all you need to know. 

You might have some moments where you stumble and fall. Look around you, kid. It happens to us all. The deepest wounds are bestowed upon those can handle them best. Every bruise and broken bone is proof you’ve passed the test. 

Champions are made from the weakest of hearts. The smallest seeds yield the biggest of trees. 

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