I gave several attempts at writing a birthday blog to jot down a few harvested thoughts from the previous year. None of these attempts turned out the way I imagined them, so they remain in a draft status until further notice.

28 was a remarkable year for too many reasons to count. The best description I have for the year is “Dayenu”  which means “it could have been enough for us” in Hebrew. The year seemed to unfold in many unplanned ways. Each twist and turn brought new challenges, but also many new reflections and insights about my own life that have been very meaningful.

All of the changes I’ve experienced have taught me that life isn’t a linear process. It’s more of a dance, where every step must be seen to completion before the next salvo can take place.

My time in the workplace has also been a welcome change. Having the right workplace/income is essential for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Given that your workplace consumes a bulk of your livable years, it’s critical to find a job you love. Not like. Love.  I discovered a workplace with Expensify that I look forward to showing up for, every single day.

Not all moments are magical. Especially as imperfect human beings, we respond to life in the best way we know how to. We don’t know everything. This lesson hit home this year, which helped stir a new level of compassion for those around me.

I imagined a world where all of my mistakes, no matter how small, were forgiven and forgotten. That moment was a wonderful world of bliss. This world isn’t far away when you choose to give it to others; being understanding and accepting instead of biting and contemptuous.

That idea transforms your mind set from living in a world that is yours for the taking, to a place where every opportunity is yours to give and show love. Money burns. Cars rust. Love is forever. It’s worth so much more than a diamond.

Living in love, and being love creates a world for others where you accept the best and worst of them at the same time. When you create this space, it nurtures authenticity, where mistakes are understood and received with forgiveness, allowing them to heal and right the wrongs they once were, correcting stray paths and gently leading them, as well as yourself, back home.


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