Alice: How long is forever?
Sometimes, just one second.

The truth can be a hard pill to swallow. Whenever I think about the topic, I come face to face with the parts of my life that are illuminated through the reflection of truth.

Change is difficult. I can’t think of any of the big life changes I’ve navigated, that were without their share of hardship. In particular, I remember how difficult it was to move from Dallas to San Francisco.

It was a rough change for me, because I didn’t know what was on the other side of the move. Moving cities isn’t something you can briefly try on for size, check your hips in the mirror, and then exchange for another city for comparison. It’s a bit of an all-or-nothing plunge.

Looking back, I wasn’t entirely ready for the chapter I was about to begin in the colorful city of San Francisco, which I now call ‘home’.

I suppose a lot of those fears were confronting me with their own version of how I was supposed to live my life.

Even as an adult man, I am glad to have had the voice of my older brother, Steve, guiding me through the change of cities. I’m sure a selfish part of him simply wanted me to be in the same city (I have the same) while the other part knew he was offering a dose of brotherly love by opening the door for his younger brother to change homes.

I should probably thank him more for the time and life he exchanged for me to move here. Thanks, Steve. You’re my angel. I really mean that.

Sitting at home, almost two years after moving, I’m thankful for the time and environment to sit down and craft a few of the thoughts that have been simmering for a while now.

As somebody who has experienced very large changes, my advice (to you) is to embrace them with the support of the ones you know, trust, and love. They’re all there to help and support you through your transitions.

For me, it was a guy named “Steve” that happened to be my brother. He popped up in my life and opened a door to a different city, career, and mindset.

He showed me that walking away from your choices isn’t the same thing as facing them until you find victory over them. Even when it means coming face-to-face with your own fears, past, and cards that life has dealt you. The answer isn’t to walk away from the table, but to pick up the cards in your hand and play them until you beat the dealer.

That’s how winning is done. Thanks, Steve.

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