Crazy thing called “love”

Life is a journey through choice, consequence, and the battle between learning from our lessons and painful recovery through failure.

Some might say this up-and-down journey looks a lot like love.

In my mind, I see love a bit like looking in the mirror. When I see my reflection in the mirror, I’m reminded of the changes that have occurred over time. Each day, I find myself looking somehow more seasoned than the prior sunset.

Going back to the reflection, it is often most difficult to show love for yourself. We’d help the person we don’t know, yet often don’t how how to do so ourselves.

This life feels a lot like a tunnel. You enter at one end, and come out of the other end. Along the way, you hopefully find the people that mirror your reflection; illuminating the broken parts, while giving hope for a better future.

We hate the parts of ourselves we don’t know how to love…yet.

Our loved ones, are in their own tunnel; walking at their own pace. Sometimes we poke our heads out of the tunnel and look around, fuck around, before returning to the darkness with a heart somehow in more pieces than when we started.

If we’re lucky…oh so lucky, we come out of the other end of the tunnel and find the other person standing there, with our picture in their hands and theirs in ours. It’s a beautiful gamble, this thing called ‘love’.

“I waited for you” we’d tell each other. “I waited for you through my own mistakes, pains, and choices.” In some cases, I stood by and watched you make them as well. Yet, the story continues its course, with two hearts in the dark instead of one.

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