2022 has been one helluva year. One year ago, I was living in Tulum and my life circumstances were very different than they are today.

In many ways, I’ve put my head down this year to focus on rebuilding my life in the states, growing my business and transitioning from eight years of suitcase-living to finally having a stable home.

The year took a lot out of me. Truth be told, it’s a miracle that I’m still standing today. There were a lot of moments where I simply felt like throwing in the towel and giving in to the mounting pressures around me.

I had a lot of hopes and dreams come crashing down on me. The process of becoming a Father is supposed to be one of trust, excitement and bonding. It wasn’t.

There’s a saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Looking at this year in retrospect, I’ve never come to appreciate the wisdom behind that statement more than I do today. I faced a lot of obstacles this year, and distinctly remember the moment in each battle where I decided to make the right choice.

Loss. I’ve lost many things that were close to my heart. From people to places and horsepower, the last decade has felt like a ten-year gunshot wound that manifested itself in different times. Few people can say they’ve lost everything and rebuilt their lives. Those that do will never take for granted the life they’ve built on the other side of their losses.

I often wonder if God has chosen to give me some thread of pain as the core way I experience life. Every painting needs its undertones, and people are no different.


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