Bad Place Alone

[quote]When you’re taught to love everybody – including your enemies – what value does that place on love?[/quote]

I remember a time where things used to be calmer. Stress was an overwhelming sensation alleviated by the pursuit of dreams. Laughter was something flowing quite freely and without an alcoholic propellant. Work was scarce but love was strong. Things were simpler then.

There were moments during this time where arguments would happen because we were out for each other’s best interest, rather than our own. We cheered each other on through the successes we claimed, while holding each other up when we could barely limp through the race. We’d talk about life, love, money, dreams, Dad, and the times where all we could do was laugh through the tears, or cry through the laughter.

Life happened.

I never expected this world to be a place where smiles run without creasing into sneers or laughter into shouts of rage. However, I never wanted to believe or admit that weeds could work their way thorough the walls I thought to be strong and bulletproof; slowly crumbling them to a point where respect was something spoke of in past tense.

We could have taken on the world, you and I. And we did, each in our own respective ways. But as we’ve thrown ourselves into our respective paths and battles, we’ve forgotten what it was like to once fight, back to back, at whatever it was that life threw at us.

There was a time where we both stood for things we now trample on. All that’s left is broken pieces of a past we can no longer deem relevant.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, which I gladly take full credit for. None of us are perfect, nor will we ever be. Some of the most important people in my life are now fading memories in the past because of these mistakes. I’ve lost love interests, friends close as brothers, and people I once thought life would be impossible to live without. While I’ve realized life is quite possible without these people, it doesn’t mean I’m proud of the mistakes I made – taking into account just how good of a choice it seemed at the time – as I wish things could be different.

When we die, and I can assure you we will, we ought to consider ourselves lucky if there are more people at our funeral than our birth.

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