Auto-correct and pre-served cups of k-coffee. Someday our kids won’t even know what it’s like to make a typo or drink a cup of coffee that hasn’t been made properly. Such a lack of tragedy.

There are countless stories about individuals who went through a tragedy in plain sight of those around them. “Couldn’t happen here” is often mixed with the reality that we don’t want to admit the reality that chaos can happen right under our noses. And our spiritual obligation to help others at their point of need, will have to undergo a gut check of being ignored…or ignited.

I received an affirmation today which made me do a lot of thinking. The very last line said “I am excited about today!” Reading it, I quickly realized how unexcitable I was to have woken up to a new morning. I had to ask myself where the enthusiasm and ‘lust for life’ I used to embody went off too.

There absolutely are amazing opportunities and life experiences that can happen to us when we least expect them. I received a few reminders of this fact, this week, and am so grateful for the universal ‘bumps’ that happen as reminders that life is good and wonderful.

They say you aren’t supposed to drop profanity on a first date. I tend to like getting it out of the way and commenting on the fact that both parties have been holding in a growing bubble of profanity that is absolutely allowed to be let out. I remember being out with somebody and telling them “I love the fuck out of my life.”

I woke up this morning and realized that I needed to rediscover this vibrant – and slightly uncouth – attitude towards life; loving every second with a vivacious passion that can’t be capped.

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