A wolf and a sheep came across each other in a pasture. The sheep asked the wolf “What do you eat?” 

The wolf replied “I eat meat for survival.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to eat grass?” asked the sheep.

“It’s not the meat that keeps me alive.” replied the wolf, “it is the hunt.” 

People are no different than sheep and wolves. There’s little – to any – room for middle ground. The mentality of a wolf is one of survival, adventure, self-provision, and intention.

Sheep simply follow the ass in front of them. Literally. In exercises, a flock of sheep can be led through a gate and forced to jump over a stick to pass. When the stick is removed, the sheep continue to jump, because the sheep before them leapt from the ground.

It’s the trend of little minds to cluster around each other, with hopes that ‘groupthink’ will somehow synergistically raise the quality of life for all those who subscribe to it, rather than to bravely step away from the flock and be forced to fend for yourself. Large groups are simply fat targets for the wolves to feast on.

And they feast. Deeply.

A conversation with my little brother reminded me that the fight for the wolf begins at a very young age. Rather than stick to the herd of high school students around him, he’s chosen a different path in order to pursue his interests/passions.

What makes me so very proud of him is that he’s recognized the problem is with them – not with him.

“I don’t really know why they would say that.” he said. Which made me quite proud to hear, rather than him saying “What’s wrong with me?”

Not. One. Fucking. Thing.

At the end of the day, we have to remember that complacency also joins misery in its company. Those who are determined and motivated to live intentionally are often cooed away by the proverbial grasshoppers of the world.

Jocks play on the team. Nerds buy the team.

Featured image from Deviantart

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