Over the past few years, I’ve watched countless interviews with famous entrepreneurs that have accumulated a lot of wealth. Gates, Cuban, Zuckerberg, and Musk…to name a few. They’re often asked by young and ambitious entrepreneurs ‘how to get wealthy’ and become multi-billionaires. I think it’s a bit interesting to see the reactions, because they all tend to share a very similar spirit; “We just worked on our obsessions and really weren’t planning on them growing to be as large as they became. Follow your passions and discover what it is you’re obsessed about” tends to be the very-paraphrased advice these powerhouses give.

For as much motivation and encouragement there seems to be about pursuing your dreams, it seems as if every bone and fiber in the body of society is determined to break individualism into neatly-organized categories. We tend to quiet our voices and words to match the supposed expectations of the audience we’re with at that moment in time. So much artwork and beauty is lost in this assimilating process.

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