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Supposedly, it’s better to have ‘loved and lost’ than to have ‘never loved at all.’ It irritates me when people say “supposedly” with a “b” instead of a “d”. Moving on.

I grew up under the influence of a belief system that cherished relationships and love that is supposed to last a lifetime. This concept has flipped around in my mind for years; shuffling between an elusive fairy tale that I never thought to be possible and the moments where it seemed to glimmer within my reach.

Loyalty and longevity have been replaced with the pursuit of the temporary and elusive. Many people break eye contact with the one(s) they love and take a drink/hit/bump/tab/pill. The main story goes away for this temporary commercial break and they return to the regularly-scheduled programming if they are so lucky to find it waiting when the ‘commercial break’ ends.

Treating people like products; replaceable and only in our lives until the next ‘upgrade’ is a ridiculously fleeting way to live. Yes, people do move on from our lives and we discover new hellos as we dish out the goodbyes. That’s part of life. Yet, I found it necessary to deeply appreciate and soak in the moments we have with those around us.

An apology will never fix a heart you’ve broken to pieces.

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