The World Is Small

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Testing. This is not a test. This is reality. I am not writing to you in a fictional state of being. Rather, I am alive and well, in a very real world, with very real thoughts and emotions going through a very real conscious. Nothing is fake. Testing. 123. Your reality is real. This reality is real. Everything is very real. This is your reality. Our reality. Reality.

These past few days have prodded many levels of thought in my mind. As I have been striving to identify just what it is that life will be presenting over the next few months, I am reminded now would be the normal state of being for a body to stress and do that thing called “worry” over the next few steps life has to offer. However, this is life. I have been through many trials before that have tested my Faith, courage, integrity, and self-discipline. Why should now be any different?

There have been enough situations over the past twenty-two years of my life to make me realize the next twenty-two years will certainly happen, pending disaster and death. Life goes on whether or not we decide to participate in it. We cannot stop time. Rather than try and survive our way through the ticks of a day, I like to think it is within our ability to latch hold and make the most of this time. So many survivors in this life – not enough live[rs].

Why aren’t we living? Why are we encapsulated within the very walls of our 24/7 rather than venturing outside of them to see the real world? Oftentimes, our walls are composed of the cubicle walls and economy cars we drive. Perhaps we have not been exposed, yet, to the real world.

I have been enough places to know that there are human beings in other cities of the world. They breathe. They have lives just like we do.

During these next few days, weeks, months, I will covet your prayers.

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