From Whence

Many people point to the mythical Phoenix as a source of inspiration; rising from its very own ashes. I sort of wonder what went on in its mind as it decided it would be worth rising again.

We really aren’t much different than the Phoenix. We often have situations that cause us to crash and burn miserably, left with nothing more than the choice to either crumble forever or get back on our feet and withhold failure from having another notch on its belt.

But, it must start with a decision. Any thing must have a start point. Any great success has a moment of incubation. In the same sense, many failures have the critical points in their development where failure becomes unstoppable.

I have had a very difficult time adjusting to life as normal here in Ohio. In addition, there have been several key individuals responsible for kicking me in the pants to get Serial Ventures off its proverbial feet. We have an excellent team of people who are willing to put in quality work. However, I feel as if I am dusting off my bat and walking up to the plate again. Failure does not frighten me as much as the unknown.

It’s all good and nice to think of the Phoenix in its rise from the ashes. However, there is always the possibility it’s just going to get fried yet again.

Time for a leap.

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