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PostIKEAism. Discovering that you’ve evolved from the days where you used to use the IKEA ‘shopping list’ tool to plan out your perfect pad, to a more critical state of mind that’s capable of seeing the deficiencies and lack of quality often found in their products. It feels like growing up and looking back at the playground swings which once seemed so intimidating, when you weren’t tall enough to climb onto them. Exciting and thrilling when you were able to ride them for hours, perfecting your ‘pumps’ to go higher, higher. Finally, you realize you can no longer fit into them and scrape the top of your feet on the mulch as you attempt ‘one last ride’.

Getting older, discovering threads of success and right choices, I’m moving on in my life from the negativity and poor choices that were made in the past. I have worked on multiple projects with business partners and often displayed the ‘dynamic duo’ image when working with these people. Looking back, there was nothing at all dynamic about some of these individuals who did little more than tack on to my ideas, intellect, and ability to get things done while they simply played and pretended to look busy.

Working with people who get things done and have a shared respect/value for the end goal of the immediate project is critical. [tweetable]Sharing values is much more important than sharing similarities in personality. [/tweetable]

Conversations with family that is free from any conflict or disagreement is more refreshing than a glass of water on a very, very hot day. It’s not difficult to have these conversations, as long as you’re careful to avoid certain un-agreeable subjects and ‘asshole comments’ that are intentionally stated in order to get a rise or reaction. I’m making a point to avoid these asshole comments, with the end goal of not appearing to be one.

Let the problems show themselves to be problems. And the people who are solutions appear to be solutions. Confusion between the two will only elevate those people in life who aren’t worth anything,  devaluing those who are.

That being said, for the amount of people I’ve come in contact with in my life who have qualified themselves as a “piece of shit”, I’ve decided not to lose any more sleep over the stress these individuals used to cause me. Cream rises to the top while pieces of shit simply irritate those who with the misfortune of stepping into them.

Life in the free and clear is a very, very beautiful thing. We will always have stress and difficult situations. However, it’s not difficult to take a half-empty glass and convert it into one that runneth over when you decide to pick it up and take control of your life.

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