The Cage

The lion was not supposed to eat pre-packaged meals or veggie burgers. The deer was not meant to move quickly with the use of a car. The shark was not created to eat small, floating pellets at the top of the ocean, dropped from the sky by a hand holding a large cylinder of fish food. Man was not meant to be a docile being. It would be absurd if we stripped sunsets of their beauty, or removed the joy from a proud parent as they watch their children open birthday presents. Why is it acceptable that we remove the heart from man?

This is not a cry for all men to put on flannel shirts and don their hunting rifles. This is a call for the discovery and realization of the heart that is within a man. I’ll focus primarily on man, because I am one. Were I a woman, I would write about the heart of a woman. Stick with what you know.

It pains me to watch television, as I see the once strong stature of man being diminished. According to commercials, we are weak, clumsy human beings who are best letting the strong housewife do everything we are incapable of achieving. According to Bravo, we are flaming homosexuals who carry limp wrists, pink-striped shirts, and more hair product than a professional beauty salon. According to ESPN, we are chauvinistic pigs who only care for sports, large breasts, scantily clad women, beer, and more sports. According to modern statistics, men (and women — but let’s just talk about us guys) cannot avoid pornography, stay faithful to their wives, be a leader for their children to follow, stay healthy, or be strong spiritual leaders.

Perhaps it’s appropriate for a scolding. Often, I’m embarrassed to see the current state of manhood. However, I believe change can happen, one heart at a time.

Let the lion out of his cage, please.

More on this topic later…

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