One of my usual routines involves checking the news on my iPhone. Yahoo news digest makes it incredibly easy to see the top stories around the world. I’ve realized that there’s a sense of false urgency/importance behind each story. Reading of the escaped Nigerian captives,  NFL concussion lawsuit, or the incessant Palestine/Israel conflict; where I feel somehow it’s relevant and important that I be in the know for each of these events. In all reality, these things have little to no impact on my day-to-day life, nor provoke me to take action. As heartless as it sounds, we do very little when it comes to international tragedy and crisis situations, aside from read them between sips of our morning coffee.

If I want my heart to throb and pull at a situation, I would rather spend that energy on those I love and care for, rather than hurting for two kids who can’t seem to get along in their proverbial Gaza playground. I know multiple individuals who are the champion for many external causes, while living in failed marriages and dysfunctional relationships with their own children. How one can have a heart for “Insert country/cause here” while wholly neglecting their own homelife is absolutely beyond me.

I recognize that I can’t point fingers or direct others on what to do. I simply use these examples as a reference point for what I don’t want to do with my life.

Keeping your word and being a personal champion for those around you, especially a significant other, is something I’d like to work on developing. My old-school way of thinking that our lives were somehow greater than the living days we had while on earth, would negate this idea for the ‘greater good’ of living your life ‘purpose’ even ifa at the expense of those closest to you.

This is all we’ve got. The big purpose/destiny I used to dream about is right in front of my face and it is beautiful and wonderful.

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  • We are not required to save the world. We are only required to stand up as truly as we can for what we Love.

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