Today has definitely felt like a Monday. In light of server issues and imposing deadlines, I was saddened to see the death of my betta fish. While it may seem silly to be sad about the loss of something like a fish, it’s been mine for almost two years and has brought me a lot of joy in taking care of it.

Whenever I hear people talk about their pets – mainly dogs – I always think of the fish that I’ve had/have. While dogs tend to get gifts, presents, and lots of attention, fish remain silent in their tanks. However, a life is a life. And that silence is beautifully eloquent as they glide through the water.

Like dogs, there’s an art to finding fish that can get along with each other. It’s not as simple as throwing fish in a bowl. Certain varieties get along better with each other, while others are hostile. I’ve always been very careful about putting together each aquarium ‘family’ so that there’s peace in the tank.

One of my favorite things to do is go shopping for new fish, watching as they acclimate themselves to their new home. It’s just like moving into a new home with new neinghbors. At first, the fish tend to be shy and stick to the hidden areas of the tank. After some time, they get used to their environment, just as we humans do, and boldly show themselves off to the world. I have a beautiful dark angelfish that I love to watch, who first stuck solely to the shadows and corners. My rainbowfish entertains itself by swimming tirelessly against the current created by the water filter, while my frog has taken to dancing around the tank and making people smile who have the pleasure of watching it.

It may seem strange to be so attached to my fish, but they are a regular part of my home life.

Life is a beautiful thing that should be cherished and respected. So much time is spent worrying, that we often don’t remember to embrace and cherish life for what it is at the moment we live it. It’s beautiful and so very, very rich.

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