Suicide and handbags

This week, the world learned of the suicide death of both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. I was surprised to read through multiple headlines, which seemed to steer clear of using the word “Suicide” in their headline and/or article body.

Suicide, it seems, still isn’t a word that many people are comfortable talking about. I find this to be really unfortunate, because suicidal thoughts are much more common than most people think.

I’d wager that far more people have had thoughts of suicide than they like to admit. Yet, this is a topic that needs to breathe and let the world hear its voice, instead of hiding behind silent suffering.

Mental health is a topic that needs to be discussed with the same severity as physical health. If your mind isn’t well, it’s a good sign that other elements in your life are suffering as a result; relationships, goals, finances, and your work-life.

I, too, have had my own struggles with suicidal thoughts. A close brush with it was the reason I ended up moving to California to begin a new life.

My own experiences with depression/suicidal ideation have taught me that it’s ok to tell somebody you aren’t ok. 

As time has passed since that day, I’ve learned healthy ways of dealing with depression when it arises, which is commonplace to everybody.

Nobody has 100% perfect days.

Nobody smiles 100% of the time.

As a culture, I think it’s time that we accepted the reality that everybody has dark days. Sometimes they have a motivation/reason for occurring – sometimes not.

I was so encouraged to have candid conversations with my coworkers about our own experiences with depression, because it’s important to know those close to you aren’t distant from your struggles…or you, theirs.

Our struggles make us stronger when we overcome them. Your scars become your strengths when you allow them to heal and serve as a safe place for others to find comfort, security, and empathy.

The recent headlines make for a wonderful opportunity to talk with those you love about their mental health and brushes with depression. When you learn that others around you have also dealt with your struggles, you find new strength and encouragement to rise for another day.

No matter what storm you are going through, know the sun always comes out to heal the darkness.

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

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