“Advertising has them chasing cars and clothes. Working jobs we hate, so we can buy sh*t we don’t need.”

Chuck Palahniuk – Fight Club

While I’ve had my fair share of disagreements/agreements on the way my parents decided to raise our family, one of the things I’m now thankful for is the fact they decided to turn off the family television set, beginning in the year I went to kindergarten. Having experienced a cultural blackout during my adolescent years is a fun topic during dinner conversations, as I’m constantly learning new ‘need to know’ information and watching a slew of films my parents shielded me from. Forest Gump was the most recent film I’ve been caught up to speed with, as well as American Beauty. Both are excellent, excellent films.

That being said, I’m constantly reminded of the perpetual rat race we live in as a society. From the clothes we wear to the car(s) we drive, there’s a big game of image and perception. It’s a societal dance that seems to have no end in sight, with big business playing as the orchestra. 99% of people I’ve met have never had the pleasure of seeing a live orchestra playing, or seen a piece of fine art hanging from the wall of a gallery, but can recite every word to the commercials playing on television. I really don’t want my children to be able to tell me the most recent product tagline while being unable to distinguish between a piano and a harpsichord. Balance. Balance. Tomato. Tomato.

Staring at a workstation that’s beginning to come together, I’ve been thinking about what it was that let me to become an entrepreneur. Money is far from the answer, as there’s often very little in this game. It’s an appreciation for freedom and the ability to mark your own path and walk it to the destination you choose. I’m thrilled to have found an industry niche that allows me to work from my desk and compensate me well enough to live a comfortable life. However, it’s the freedom and ownership of my time that I’m most grateful for. The more efficiently I work, the more time I have to pursue my own goals and come closer to being the man I long to be.

Opportunity is a shifting devil that never seems to disappear from sight.

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