smoked mirrors

You’ll be hard-pressed to find somebody who loves the internet as much as I do. I mean, I really love the internet for everything it is capable of doing and for everything it has done to enhance my life. When I speak of it, it’s often done with fond words and affirmations, as if I am complimenting a long-dear friend of mine. However, not all that glitters is gold.

The internet does an outstanding, if not phenomenal, job of portraying images and stories in a very slanted way. We have enough filters, hashtags, and artificial followers to be able to paint our lives in a picture-perfect way that’s ever so worthy of being Instagram’d on a news feed somewhere.


Not all that glitters is gold. Behind every picture is a story. Behind all of the computer screens and lock screen notifications, real life happens. Even our emergency room status updates are masqueraded behind a filter. To like or not to like, that is the question.


I was talking with a good friend of mine the other day about our choices. “Would you give up ***** to be with the right person?” I asked. “Absolutely.” he said. The difference isn’t being willing to quit, but wanting to do so. I agreed. Which made me ponder the question as to why I was still welcoming in certain aspects to my life that are little more than cheap filler for quality and personal growth.

Maybe it’s time to take a breather and be more present in life. I’ve forgotten the joys to be found in a lot of simple things.


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