A little fun fact: it’s incredibly hard to start the first few words of a blog. Most entries are spawned by a series of thoughts that marinate into written words. However, the first few words are always the most difficult to come by. For me, at least.

Now that my intro is out of the way, and you’ve learned something new, let’s begin.

It was 8pm on Sunday, January 1st, and I found myself sweaty on the dance floor with several close friends. Ringing in the new year at the infamous Supper of Survivors, I paused to soak in the moment.

I felt rich.

Rich, rich. You know, the kind where you feel as if your heart can touch the sky and lasso the moon into loving arms.

2016 was a challenging year for many of us. From politics to petty pricks, I think each of us was dealt a difficult hand. Yet, in spite of the challenges, I found myself full of gratitude and appreciation for the treasure of memories that composed 2016.

As a man, I have yet to find the [good] fortune of being financially wealthy. There was a time in my life where money my driving reason to wake up in the morning. During those times, I discovered many different avenues of meeting this goal. Yet, as times changed, so did the direction of my heart.

Waking up to 2017, I’ve discovered the beauty in every sunrise, and the joy of sharing it with those I love most. I look around at my room and see a small handful of treasures I’ve accumulated over the years. In my treasure chest are birthday cards (I’ve never thrown them away), mementos from family, photo albums, and some small trinkets I’ve received as gifts from others.

This year, I’d like to increase the depth of appreciation I’ve come to discover for life and those I’m blessed to share it with. It’s been in the calm moments that I’ve found a peace that comes with acceptance of all that life brings; the joys, laughter, love, suffering, and pain.

Allowing room in your life for pain/suffering is a healthy way to grow roots that weather the storms and make room for the flowers. It’s all part of the same beautiful picture we call “life.”

“Do you have any resolutions for 2017? I asked.

We sat in a quiet neighborhood sushi bar; the kind you’d expect to find tucked away between the sea of San Francisco neighborhoods. The hours were slipping away from the first day of 2017 and I was thankful to be in a warm building after walking 6 blocks in the cold.

“No fear.” She replied, with a calm conviction found in those with deep character.

No fear, indeed.

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