The past few weeks have carried a few milestones in my life, worth noting. 7/5/16 marked the 1-year anniversary of my relocation to SF.  Looking back at both of the times, they feel as if they were simply moments from the present.

Life is so fleeting and short. Yet, it is sweet and savory. The best things in life weren’t meant to last long, otherwise we would lose our appreciation for the joy they bring to our lives.

I’ve started to view my life as a series of chapters that has unfolded (as well as chapters yet opened) into a story I’ve become quite happy with. I’m very grateful to have the number of wonderful memories I’ve had, along with the bitter ones that remind me life is about balance, composure, and refinement. The fruit doesn’t grow without the roots. Roots don’t grow without compost. Take that as you will, friend.

Most recently, I’ve been reflecting on the chapter of my life that’s been brought on through the invitation of my brother, Steve. Earlier this week, we got drinks and celebrated the acceptance of both of our new job offers. It was one of the proudest/happiest moments in my adult life.

The way I see it, life is about growth. You cannot move forward if you don’t first move on from where you’ve come from. In tech-speak, this is referred to as “killing the child” of a new territory.

I would consider myself fortunate to arrive in SF as a young man from Ohio, with the home-grown down-to-earth roots that are native to many of those I was raised with. However, I consider myself blessed above-and-beyond to experience this joy with my own brother.

In Ohio, I have fond memories of connecting with Mark (my younger brother) as we went to Ohio State University together, discovered our mutual passion for the gym (and donuts) and shared more gut-wrenching moments of laughter than I am able to remember. It was a tearful day when I dropped him off to begin service in the US Navy.

When I have children, I hope one day they will be able to experience the best life has to offer, with each other as companions and friends in their journey. There is nobody better to share life with than those you love most.

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