My beloved blue lobster died this weekend. He recently molted and had everything to look forward to in life. He will be missed dearly.

“Different people awaken different beasts inside of us” is a quote I recently saw on Pinterest. For all of the fluffy pretenses we make about our lives; tweeting filtered photos of a life that resembles a dream, we often bury the moments we aren’t proud of. Our fears, failures, doubts and moments of internal unrest. These things are rarely tweet-worthy. What sort of filter do you put on the photo where you’re curled in a ball questioning everything about your life?

Being on the other side of a lot of these difficulties, I’ve realized that I can only be thankful for the stressful situations my life has brought me. It made me so much stronger than I ever thought. Sometimes we run into those along the way who attempt to trip us on our race. It only serves to show us that they simply want company and affirmation that their quitting was right. Yet, for every individual who tries to bring you down to their level, there are others along the race – further up the road – who encourage us to pick up our stride and carry on.

More than anything in my life, I’m grateful for the people who have seen the best in me and encouraged me to let it fly. 2015 has been one helluva journey.

In my bathroom, I have the words “You are a king” written on my mirror. It’s a constant reminder that our destination is quite different from our humble origins. While we may not feel like royalty at any given moment, we have to remember the true character of our heart. If the people around you can only see the clothing of a pauper, rather than the heart of a king/queen, it’s time to find new friends.

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