Pretty Ones

Life tends to happen when we engage. I’ve had experiences that never would have happened were I to have hit “send to voicemail” instead of picking up the call.

The past few months have been a whirlwind. Sometimes it feels like the wave will take me to shore; home free. Other times, it feels as if it’s a tsunami rushing in to ruin all. Regardless of whether it’s a tsunami or regular wave, it’s time to surf this one home.

I woke up and realized that somebody I’ve gotten to know over the past few years is now dead. He and I were supposed to get together on my last trip to Ohio. Life is short. Short. Short. He was far from perfect. But…that man loved his kids. RIP NR.

It seems as if we live our lives caught between a perpetual struggle between the desire to live and the desire to survive…sprinkled throughout with a [un]healthy fear of death. Double-checking your equipment before jumping out of a plane is a healthy fear of death. Having a racing heart from crossing the street is a sure sign of an unhealthy fear of death.

My grandfather lived a remarkable life. He cashed in every chip that could have led to an early death, before he had children, and played his hand very well.

Do what they sayLife is such a rich feast for us to enjoy. Unfortunately, we tend to stick to the salad bar, instead of diving into the main course. While you’re crunching through tasteless sesame sticks, somebody else is cutting into a thick steak…or jumping out of an airplane.

Who are they?

Somewhere along the lines of our lives, we’ve created an unseen set of rules and guidelines to follow for a ‘successful’ life. I think these rules have become a bit obscene and have crossed the line.

There’s a fine line between etiquette and foolish societal rules that prevent you from experiencing an incredible life. 

“Dress for the job you want.”

I must be the next Steve Jobs/Zuckerberg, because all I seem to wear is jeans and v-neck shirts.

What about the life you want!?

Inside of me is a heart that longs for every ounce of goodness life has to offer, without the confines of a safety net. I want to attain unparalleled success and create groundbreaking moves in the tech/startup industry. I want to fall in love. Not the kind of love that is safe or mediocre. But the kind of love that wakes up with passion and vibrancy. The kind of passion that can’t help but tear each others clothes off in the middle of the kitchen and letting that passion freely flow on top of the island countertop. Fast cars and motorcycles.  Speed. Speed. Speed. The stupid kind of lifestyle that does the unthinkable and unexpected. Generosity that knows no bounds. Compassion that holds nothing back. Creativity that doesn’t stop when it becomes dangerous or unknown.

Mediocrity is the gift most people choose to live with, in their lives. We’re all going to die. I’d rather live for one day than survive for a hundred.

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