One year later: SF in review

Since it’s been just over one year since my move to SF, I thought it would be nice to jot down some thoughts and personal reflections I’ve had since moving to California for the second (and seemingly final) time.

This year has been a wonderful year of transformation, love, personal reflection, and renewal. Prior to moving, I was coming to the close of my 4-year stay in Dallas, TX. In those years, I had built a wonderful life, full of new and interesting friendships, romance, and business ventures.

All things come to a close, including places we live and ventures we start. About six months before relocating to SF, I felt an urge to start my life over with “all new ingredients” and began to prepare space in my heart/mind/spirit for what was next in life.

Thus, SF.

Packing up my life into a few suitcases, I remember coming to SF with very little idea of what to expect. The result was a completely different experience than anything I could have imagined…meeting new people that fast became a loving family, working in the tech industry, and discovering new parts of myself that I hadn’t uncovered.

The butterfly is one of nature’s most beautiful animals, yet it’s physically incapable of seeing its own wings. I’ve discovered this analogy to be true with the people I’ve met here, who have shown me uncapped love, respect, and joy through our relationship.

As I prep to move forward to a new adventure, working at Expensify, I’m humbled at the way this year has come together as a very wonderful puzzle.

I’m at a loss for words right now. So I’ll close with a token of gratitude for all of the wonderful people who have walked with me through this journey.

My heart feels ten times larger than it has ever been. Thank you.

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