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it’s the start of a tragedy; a symphony of beautiful possibility and uncertainty. Let the players tune their instrument, and prepare for the grand concerto.

Our lives, loves, and failures can make for a beautiful combination if we allow them to be.

[tweetable]Behind every great painting live a thousand and one mistakes.[/tweetable]

I painted a few paintings this year and discovered that mistakes, alterations, and unexpected outcomes are all a part of the process involved in creating a painting. There’s a certain comfort in knowing it’s ok to make the occasional blunder. But, at the end of the day, your paint will dry and you must decide if it will grace a wall…or the bottom of a dumpster.

As human beings, capable of dramatic separations (as well as inclinations) against our instinctual free will, we are blessed with the opportunity to craft and mold our lives for as long as we are alive and of good mental ability.

Shape. Evolve. Mold. Grow. Depart. Arrive.


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