Life’s dance

What if we could rise up from where we are
rooted, meet each other like a long lost harmony
Dance as if we shared the same five senses
as if our feet were planted on the same small planet
Our veins running the same red blood

We forget why we fought ourselves in the
first place
This is who we are; this is what we’re made
of; this is why we came here
We came to dance

I’ve found life provides us with the tools we need to solve our problems. These tools show up in strange, creative ways and serve a defined purpose in their task. One of these tools is dance.

The past few weeks have been exciting ones, with new adventures each day. It’s been incredible to wake up in a loving home. Each morning, I’m quick to think of recent memories with friends and family as a positive way to start the day.

Over the weekend, I found myself dancing with a crowd in a warehouse. Looking through the crowd, it struck me how important movement/dance is to a well-balanced life. As humans, we are healthier when we move freely.

   Dance involves taking a first step – then following it with another.

Life feels very similar; one moment followed by another; a series of events and the choice of how you want to respond to them.

One doesn’t instantly lock into the beat of music. Rather, it takes a few moments to notice the patterns and then begin dancing. In similar fashion, after an hour of dancing, it feels effortless to move to the beat – almost instinctual.

Ever since I discovered how much fun it is to dance, I’ve found myself dancing through life events a little bit more than I used, which has yielded a lot of profound forgiveness and peace.

Confronting the same obstacle with a different mindset can yield different outcomes.  Rigid and anxious, or fluid and graceful – which do you prefer?

When I started to look at my life as one large canvas I’ve danced through, it removes any worry about what’s next. The dance hasn’t disappointed – nor do I expect it will.

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

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