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When you get older, you realize the idea of relativity is seen in more day-to-day situations than you might have first thought. Fear, pride and stubbornness have the capability to disguise themselves in positive lights. It’s only when you step back and look at them through the lens of love, duty, and humility that they are revealed for what they really are.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the next few years ahead in life, realizing my daily choices/actions have a direct impact on the direction and trajectory of where it is that life takes me.

All we have are the choices we make and the life we lead is a direct result of how we choose to respond to these choices.

Similar to how a gentleman takes off his coat in freezing weather, or as a police officer gave his shoes to a homeless man, sometimes we have to take off our proverbial coat (and freeze a bit) in order to do the right thing.

I consider myself to be a man of principle. As such, I’ve engaged in a lot of disagreements where I was unable to remove myself, thinking it more important to stand by my guns than to realize the people I care about are more important than a stubborn commitment to principle.

I recently had to shrug off my personal principle, principle, and pride in a situation after realizing my stubbornness would directly impact those I care about.

Right or wrong – all we have in life are those around us and the people who we love…and who love us. This is more important than being correct.

Being seen as a protector is an important trait for me. However, I would never take somebody I loved into an area where I wouldn’t be able to protect them from harm. And it doesn’t make me a weak or frail man to admit that my pride/principle couldn’t protect a loved one from a group of people pointing a gun at my head, or threatening litigation.

Proving yourself in a ring, courtroom, weight room, or debate will never show you are stronger or better than somebody with a caring and loving heart who has the tact and humility to choose the right battles to step in to.

“The best self-defense is to buy somebody a drink when they’ve offended you.”

As a 26 year-old MID (man in development) I’ve had to maneuver a lot of choices, pay for consequences, and accept responsibility for some things that weren’t my fault. It’s more important for me to take these as learning lessons I can move forward and grow from.

Character doesn’t cost you a dime. And a million bucks in your pocket can’t buy it.

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