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One of my favorite moments from Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena is the moment before the last fight of the season; the Primus. It was a fight, to the death, where 20+ gladiators entered into the ring and only one would emerge the victor. Prior to the fight starting, there was a look in the eye of Gannicus, the champion, as he prepared to step into the arena. Drunk with the excitement of glory, staring with a glassy look in his eyes.

Parallel this with one of the opening scenes from Gladiator, where a man stands in line before a fight…trembling, quivering, and allowing the urine in his system to stream down his leg. Fear. Fear. Fear. It grips you.

We’ve got the opportunity to be both of these individuals with our every day actions. While we do not have the walls of the Coliseum and the roar of the crowd, we do have countless choices with each passing day.

We make the misconception that the opportunity to be heroic is limited to Hollywood movies. I believe there’s a little bit of a Superhero in every chance to open a door, make somebody smile, provide an unexpected favor, spend time with a child, say “I love you”, give a compliment, buy a meal, lift a weight, change a diaper, help a stranger, keep a promise, pay attention….the list could go on.

I’ve had to have a big gut check with myself and ask myself which one of these individuals I am. Paralyzed by my fears…or so focussed on the ability to seize glory that fear is no longer on my spectrum.

One champion emerges. Everybody else dies.

My current work situation has been disturbing me, for the sake that I am working and developing the business of many of my clients while wholly neglecting my own opportunities. Security. A ‘steady’ paycheck. Not putting my neck on the line. I’ve been playing it all too safe for my liking and I believe it is time to set my foot to the fire and step into the arena that presents itself to me with every waking moment.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we must all step into the proverbial arena. There are two ways out: 1.) Carried on the shoulders of our brothers/loved ones, to the roar of the crowd. Or 2.) Dragged out by our ankles and put back into the earth as worm food. There is no middle ground. No escape. no alternative.

Glory. Fear.

It’s time I shook things up…or, in the words of Barca (from Spartacus)

Grab hold of your cock and be a man!””

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