Inner voice

There’s a story in the Hebrew scriptures, telling the story of Moses. Upon receiving the message from God, Moses began to clammer about his inability to speak properly. T.D. Jakes does an excellent impersonation of Mashah during this story…

When I think about that story, I’m reminded of my own inner voice that wants to be freed from its cage. I remember my own speaking impediment as a child, preventing me from conveying my words properly. It can be embarrassing to feel like you don’t have a voice. Worse, when you’re afraid to let it out.

I feel we keep ourselves in a lot of these self-imposed prisons. I did. That child with a speaking impediment remembers the day I couldn’t articulate to a face-painting clown my desire for a VW Bug on my cheek. “Bug car” sounded a lot more like “Bug cow” and the poor clown couldn’t decipher my words. While my voice improved as an adult, I recognized a similar feeling of wanting to be heard by those around me.

When I walk around the city, I see a lot of faces turned inwards to their mobile phones. I feel like we’ve exchanged security blankets for the latest mobile revolution; hiding from the outside world we so desperately long to connect with, free from fear and judgement.

I’ve found that love for others is one way to bridge the gap of connection between each other.  When we speak, we can breathe life into others and reinforce them from the outside-in with unconditional love.

Look up.

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