I recently heard a saying that in order to remove a demon of its power, you must learn the name it carries; knowing its identity removes its ability to demonstrate authority over you.

Thinking about this statement, I had to reflect back on the question of my own identity. Who am I? Am I the proverbial sinner, or a saint? Hold the “s” please.

Whenever there’s a moment to listen to others, rather than speak, I’ve found it’s a good way to learn more about the way others – thus, yourself – operates. It took a recent conversation to notice how vocal others are about themselves. “I” “I” “I”….much like a squawking parrot.

I’ve noticed that it’s rare for others to engage in true conversation; a 2-way dialogue between others. Rather, it’s more about waiting for their turn to speak the words they’ve been thinking about, instead of listening and reflecting back to the other person.

Mindful 2-way dialogue is the difference between carefully selecting the ingredients of a meal, rather than blindly throwing items into a mixing bowl and hoping a meal turns out of it.

A rigid sense of identity is a guaranteed block for flow.

Returning to the quest for identity. It can be exhausting to carry your adherance to your past memories. At some point, it’s appropriate to stop wearing a high school letter jacket. Clinging to rigid identity prevents you from growing into the life each morning presents when you open your eyes.

When I look in the mirror, I see a man that has changed very much over the years. I see eyes that have carried love, joy, heartbreak, and pain.

When I stop looking in the mirror, I see others who have also changed over the years. I’ve seen joy, laughter, anxiety, despair, love, hope, and courage – among other things.

Finding balance within myself and others has answered one of the biggest questions in my life; who am I?

I am that I am.

It’s one of the most powerful phrases you can utter, as it’s often associated with the name of God. It’s an understanding that you are who you are, because it’s the way the universe wants to express itself in you, through you, to others, and for yourself.

“I am that I am” embraces the universal connectivity that connects us to each other. It’s a reminder that we are all part of a universe that is experiencing itself, through itself.

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