On Sunday, I like to look back and spend some time in reflection of the previous week/month/year, as well as look ahead to the upcoming time ahead. Recently, I booked a flight home to Columbus, OH. Since booking, I’ve been processing a lot of thoughts and memories that have existed as milestones since the day I left Ohio for California (and beyond).

When I lived in Ohio, I felt a restless spirit that wanted to discover more adventure. Something told me that life was full of wonderful opportunities that were often close friends with risk, failure, and victory. Every broken fence was a new pasture to explore, though I didn’t know what beasts I would find on the other side.

Every day, I grow more grateful to have taken the plunge ahead. At the age of 28, life has provided me with experiences well beyond my years. Each experience has become a chapter to recollect and discover personal growth. For that, I am grateful.

Growth brings new realms, as well as the bitter pain of leaving some things, people, and places behind. Lately, I’ve thought back to some of these times and have wished to have those moments again – even if only for one day or hour. I know this isn’t possible. Yet, I’ve realized the desire to have some of these moments back has helped find closure and appreciation for the stings some of these times brought.

Life is for the living. There are so many adventures present right under our nose (often missed experienced other ‘adventures’ in the same spot), there for the experiencing.

My Opa wrote a book about his life, titled The Empty Hourglass, chronicling the many adventures he experienced as a young man in Indonesia, Holland, and beyond. Reading his stories about swimming with sharks, living with native tribes, being shot down from the air (twice), and leading attacks against the enemy – through guerilla warfare in jungles – reminds me that adventure is only a distant cousin if you don’t welcome it into your life. Of all the life-threatening stories found in distance places, his biggest adventure involved starting a family in America.

I’d like to think think that the great adventures in my life aren’t in the rearview mirror, but just around the corner. They are.

Failure is only temporary. Heartbreak eventually frees you to love with more capacity. Regret eventually transforms itself into beautiful redemption.

Today, I’m grateful for the surplus of wonderful times that have formed my life. I rejoice in knowing that my foundation has been built with love, faith, and loving people.


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