Life looks so much different in ‘real life’ than it does on television. In Asia, one of the marketing methods used in commercials is to paint an ‘ideal world’ of happiness, success and overall well-being. As an ever-maturing adult, I’m learning to find the joy in the little things life has to offer, no matter how monotonous they may appear. Sparkling floors from the arrival of a new Hoover floor scrubber unit, entertaining random visitors to my apartment and the beauty behind having a life that appears to be unfolding with each passing day.

I received a phone call this week from somebody in Columbus, OH, who had a very lucrative opportunity for me if I would move back. Had this happened a few years/months ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity. Now, I see things a bit differently.

When I moved to Dallas, I was determined to dig in and make a mark. For the past three years, I’ve certainly made my efforts to do so, with varying levels of success/failure.

All I can say is that my life has been a remarkable journey. Every day has offered new experiences that I never could have planned on happening. Rather than the monotony of knowing exactly what each day will hold, I’m continually surrounded by new and exciting moments, quality people and an increased awareness of who I am and what it is that I’m here to accomplish.

On my desk, I have a small book that reads “Keep getting up…” and it’s a constant reminder to keep trekking forward.

Every morning offers a new sunrise and opportunity to discover joy and love. Life is so incredibly beautiful.

I’m home. Safe. Loved. Protected. Provided for. Cherished. Respected. Guarded. Appreciated.

When I look in the mirror, I no longer see a hollow heart or character, but one that is full and rich.

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