High Fever

“I knew I was a man when my father told me I was one”

Unfortunately, many of us never have the opportuntiy to have a father who has the type of insight to let his children know they’ve passed the stages of childhood and are becoming young men. However, there are select few who understand the void and necessity for a young man to hear the affirmation that he, too, is a man.

Stepping forward to the plate this month, I’m invigorated and renewed after a trip to Canada to visit visit Lexi et al the Vankevich family. It was a life-giving trip that has helped screw on my head properly as I prepare for a month of strenuous work, discipline, and determination to succeed. It is my goal to become a man of my word, even if it comes at personal sacrifice to my time, wallet, and amount of sleep. I have a remarkable tendency to overcommit myself to endeavors or action items that I’m often unable to complete. And I’m determined to stop this.

I see growth in this area happening in the fact that I am completing the things I’ve said I would do. The important step now is simply completing them in the timeframe I originally planned to; accounting for all possible curveballs and still making it happen.

This month will be a battle for my heart, integrity, work ethic, word, and determination. I want to become the man of G-d that I was created to be, while also living up to the expectations and level of respect that others have for me.

My life is not promised to me. And I’m really soaking in the fact that if I do not utilize the talents and abilities He has created me with, they will go to waste and so will my life. It’s not just enough to write soulful blogs and give motivational pep talks about life if I’m not walking my walk. I have worked reasonably hard for four years now as a self-employed person. And now it’s time to step that up a notch and actually start working harder than I ever have so that I may be able to live like I never have lived before.

Going back to Dallas, I have a to-do list the length of the equator. I fully intend on knocking it out of the park. Time to make it rain, Plaat.

No Excuses – Just results.

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