“There’s gold to be found in the morning” was a quote I’ve heard many times, in some variant or another. As I’ve been waking up earlier during the weekdays, I’m finding that the morning hours offer a lot of productivity and quiet times to think and prepare for the upcoming day. Walking to the gym, I saw the moon still in the sky and went on to have an outstanding workout.

When you have an active mind, it can be very hard to sit still for even one minute at a time. While it may seem laughable, I’ve been setting timers and forcing myself to remain still and calm – without racing thoughts – to help myself take advantage of the present time and be where I’m at. Frankly, I’d rather do leg day. However, a calm mind is much more beneficial than chiseled legs.

When you’re still, you have the opportunity to remind yourself of the joys you’ve found in life – or have neglected. A few of these things came to mind this morning and I’ve decided to not wait around to rediscover these interests. A local theater house has drop-in improv comedy nights and there’s a homeless shelter downtown that’s actively looking for volunteers to help mentor youth.

There’s so much blah to the daily grind that we often run ourselves thin without even noticing the need to recharge and maintain the lifeblood – our own joy and happiness – that we can run out of mental gas.

Make ’em laugh….make ’em laugh…

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