For Steve

Of the six children in the Plaat family, there is one for which I am especially thankful; my big brother, Steve, who happens to have a birthday today.

Over the years, Steve has been a rock of support for me. The first Plaat child to leave the state of Ohio, I followed him to  California and never looked back. Following a disastrous break-up with the christian religion, Steve provided me with a wealth of knowledge, support, and friendship as I began unraveling my own cords with its toxic belief system.

Steve has always pushed and inspired me. Often, in times where he may not have been aware. It was during our college years that I was first inspired to begin lifting weights, after seeing how great Steve looked wearing a muscle shirt after many hard hours in the gym.

One of Steve’s greatest qualities is his ability to relentlessly throw himself into something. While some people have the attention span for small reads, Steve is able to dive into complex subject matters, books, and research that can be as difficult to understand as the way he does certain things…(I don’t show up on time, I show up at the right time….”).

Steve and I have had a very complex relationship, for which I am thankful. He has gone above and beyond to show unconditional love to myself and the rest of the Plaat family.

He isn’t afraid to dish out tough love. However, every ounce of tough love is given from a perspective that has gone far deeper than the advice/words he provides.

One of my favorite things about Steve is his ability to light up a room. He’s a dynamic individual that displays the characteristic of knowing how to listen, as well as have something [very] interesting to say.

During our time in San Francisco, I’d joke that Steve was “up to no good” as he’s not afraid to show off his rascal side – even when it clears the room…I still love him through it.

Today, I’m especially thankful to have a big brother like Steve and the example he’s provided for me as I’ve navigated my way through my 20’s – now our 30’s.

There are many people in the world. Yet, I know nobody as dynamic, talented, or cheeky as Steve. I’m so thankful to have a best friend, who happens to be my brother.

Happy Birthday, Steve. You’re my brother and I love you.



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