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Day one begins with the Sabbath. It’s nice to finally have a day off where I can rest, recuperate, and energize myself for the upcoming week. No excuses – Just results.

This past week, I asked the high school bible study a very important question: “What do you want from life?” After receiving a response, I asked this question again. This repeated itself several times until the room appeared to be mentally exhausted from having to think of the ‘right’ answer to this question. I then asked “What if I had asked you about your favorite sports team or video game? I bet the conversation wouldn’t have been pooped out after only five minutes.” Difficult question to ask, friend. However, this question must be asked.

In the bible, we are told “What man sets out to build a tower without first considering the cost?” I believe this same idea applies to our life, as we must first sit down to consider the cost of obtaining what it is that we are hoping to achieve during the course of our life.

I’ve been thinking about the answer to this question for quite some time, and I have been getting much closer to obtaining a solid answer. I’ll attach a copy of my vision board to this post, for review, which gives a visual interpretation of what I want from life. This graphic has been very helpful in determining what I don’t want from life, as it functions as a filter to weed out things that are not in line with obtaining these goals.

On the vision board are several different areas: mind, work, self, family, faith. Every single picture is related to the ones that surround it. I assembled this board after being prompted to by a mentor of mine. I would expect several things to change as time goes by, but the large segments should remain firmly in place. I’m constantly asking myself if I am living up to the standard set down in this board.


There you have it.

More later…

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